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Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be a global leader in the production of eco-friendly jute products, fostering sustainable development and environmental conservation while empowering local communities through fair trade practices and economic opportunities.
We aspire to set a standard for excellence in the handicraft industry,

showcasing the beauty and versatility of jute as a natural, sustainable resource.



  • Empower women through skill training, providing self-reliance and peaceful employment opportunities.

  • Utilize local Bangladeshi resources, particularly jute, to craft products that evoke national pride.

  • Produce local products made to meet global market standards.

  • Allocate a portion of earnings to support underprivileged children through the Ekmattra Society, which will be given preference in all our initiatives.

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Message From Handicraft Staff

“A mother lives with her children.”


I am ashamed to admit that it wasn't until I came to this country to realize that such a phrase was not the case for every mother in this country.


There is so much inequality and unreasonableness in the world, and those who are in a vulnerable position have no place to speak up. When I was touched by the sadness of these women in the darkness of society, I thought to myself, “What can we do now?


We started Ekmattra Handicraft with the desire to create a workplace where women in this country can lead their lives on their own feet and create their future with their own hands.

What brings me the most joy in this job is to see the women's eyes changing,

which were once filled with the color of resignation, slowly becoming filled with confidence and pride after working at our factory.

I have been able to see how much people can change if only given the opportunity, and through this job I have also been able to experience the potential of human beings.

Ekmattra handicraft staff
Mae Watanabe


I still vividly remember a woman in a rural village in Bangladesh, who had never been to school or worked, doing the most amazing Jute knitting I had ever seen.

Bangladeshi women are very dexterous with their hands, and have a great sense of color, making the mothers who work at Ekmattra Handicrafts proudly say,
“Each one of us is an artist.”

With proper guidance and environment, these women can develop their talents with craftsmanship skills.


While guiding the workshop since its launch, I have seen women who had been oppressed all their lives regain their confidence through the workshop's activities.
I believe that these women, who are now independent and proud of themselves, will be able to prove to their children and future generations the potential of women.

Ekmattra Handicraft staff
Sulogna Rema

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