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Dream Catcher


Dream Catcher is one of the iconic products.

The dream catcher theme is based on the belief to protect children from nightmares.

Our dream catchers are not only to protect children from nightmares but also to help catch

their dreams and to bring smiles and confidence.

This product was developed last year and the artisans have special expertise on it.

Crescent Moon-2
Welcome Board-2
Elegant Flower-2

Jute Bag

Our jute fabric bags combine timeless elegance with eco-conscious design,

offering a stylish solution for your everyday carry needs.

Made from natural jute fibers, our bags boast exceptional durability,

ensuring they withstand the rigors of daily use while remaining environmentally friendly.


Jute Mat

When you place a jute mat made of the finest quality jute from Bangladesh in your room,

you will surely feel the breath of nature.
The small size can be used as a pot mat or table mat,

while the large mat can be used as a room interior decoration.


Tissue Box​

The tissue box is made of fine jute cotton with a gold ribbon.
This tissue box has a simple design with a South Asian feel.
Please use it as an accent in your room.


​Key Holder

This key chain was created so that you can always wear your dream catcher, as your lucky item.
We hope that the life force of jute grown in the land of Bengal and our thoughts will be a talisman for you.


“ULKA” is a Bengali word meaning “shooting star.
It is a product made of sparkling stones used as ornaments for the sari,

the traditional costume of Bangladesh.

Like shooting stars in the night sky, may they carry the wishes of the people who produce them into the future.

The sparkle of the jewelry is used as an accent in daily life.



This jute pen is wrapped with jute, a specialty of Bangladesh.
The jute is colored with a gentle natural dye and has a nostalgic coloring and a comfortable feel in the hand.
It is a product that gives a sense of Bangladesh, and is popular as a gift and souvenir for men as well as women.



This pen pouch is made of soft jute cloth and lace. The natural color of the jute matches the off-white cotton lace, creating a simple and elegant design. It goes well with our ULKA and jute pens,
It also comes with a cute natural jute packet, so you can give it as a gift together.


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