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Where can I buy Ekmattra Handicraft products?


In Bangladesh, it can be purchased from Banani's showroom and website homepage, and in Japan, it can be purchased from the PRIYO handicrafts web shop.

Information about events and sales is posted on our Facebook page and Instagram.


Can jute products be washed?


It cannot be washed completely, but it is possible to wipe off dirty parts with detergent.

Dry any wet areas thoroughly in sunlight.

Can I replace the refill of the Jewelry pen "ULKA"?


Replacement cartridges can be purchased at stationery stores or online.
Model number: OHTO175NP Lead: 0.5 mm
Model number: OHTO177NP Lead: 0.7 mm

Do you offer returns and exchanges?


If there is a problem with the product, we offer returns and exchanges.
If this is the case, please let us know here.

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