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Ekmattra Handicraft Workshop is a wonderful place to work at.
We value not only an appropriate employment environment, but also a “place” where you can be yourself as a mother and as a woman.

We value a place where they can be themselves, both as mothers and as women.

For these women, this is a place to work, a school to learn for themselves, and a safety net they can rely on at any time,
We aim to continue to be a place where they can work, a school where they can learn for themselves, and a safety net that they can rely on at any time.


With the childrens

It is not easy for mothers everywhere to go to work without their small children. That is why the support of those around you is essential for balancing childcare and work.

At the day-care center attached to the workshop, children are always warmly welcomed with lots of toys and babysitters.

Mothers can concentrate on their work without making their children feel lonely.



Stable income

Most of the jobs in the village pay low wages and have unstable incomes. 

Many female staff members were also dependent on their unstable husbands' income or had no income at all.

We have adopted a “fixed salary + commission” system, which means that the more you work, the more you are paid, regardless of sales.


With a stable income, they can plan where to spend or save their money.


Supporting life events

"I found a job, but now I can't work because I'm pregnant..."

"I lost my income and can't feed my child..."


To support such women

We have established a “Paid Leave System for Pregnancy and Childcare.


Childbirth and childcare are important life events for women.


We congratulate them all and return to work with their children when they grow up a little older. From pregnancy to

We provide generous support for the period from pregnancy to postpartum with financial and mental care.



A place where women can rely

In addition to monthly meetings, we go on semi-annual family picnics, prepare gifts for anniversaries and before vacations, interview the families...

We value the emotional exchanges with our staff members.

By holding events and taking care of each and every one of our staff members, not only do they work with high motivation, but the workplace becomes a “place” for these women where they can rely on.


Skills education for independence

Originally, most of the staff at the workshop were women from poor families who were unable to go to school and lacked any skills.


For these women, the workshop provides them with skills in decorating products and making accessories, as well as training in traditional embroidery and other skills outside of work.

We support these women so that no matter where they go in the future, they will be proud of themselves and be free to make their own choices in life.

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